JULY 1st, 2017


A message from:

Jim Volpe  l President

This month we celebrate the two year anniversary of marriage equality. We have come a long way with the support of our allies and we have worked so hard. Today, members of the LGBTQ communities across the country can wake up with the security knowing we have the federal laws in place to protect our families. Our ability to build our lives with those we love is protected equally. We are hard pressed to find larger corporations that don't have strong inclusive and comprehensive company policies and our union contracts typically guarantee equality and non-discrimination in the workplace. Or do they?

When many people may ask “What more can we want?” our minds are brought back to recent events and the 102 LGBTQ members of our community and our allies that were targets of hate in Orlando. While our gains for equality have been great, so has its backlash. Being targets of hate is nothing new to our community. History has demonstrated that we can change policy and we can effect and enact legislation.

But are we doing everything we can to advance our culture proportionally?

Is a “top-down” approach to LGBTQ equality and inclusion enough?

We are encouraged by recent statements by religious leaders as prominent as the Pope that address the derogatory attitudes towards LGBTQ within our religions. We are proud to receive the support from our Legislators and we are humbled by the presence of those politicians and law enforcement personnel marching in our Pride celebrations.

We, as members of all our communities are challenged to do the same. We must step up our influence amongst our friends, families and co-workers and initiate discussion - we must not become complacent. While we may not be able to control the effects of extremism we can identify and address the way the seeds of hate and discrimination are planted. This is the environment we must not divorce ourselves from because many times we are part of it. It is imperative that we take responsibility for our part. We are present when seemingly “innocent comments” (that may not really be all that innocent) are made and it is us that choose not to acknowledge, or respectfully address it. Many times it is us that make them.

These are our golden opportunities to change the course of hate, and its seeds. We must have the courage to put a face on the comments made. We must have the patience to share our lives and experiences with those that may not understand. This is how we must take an active role in our future. As we forge the legislative framework for inclusion and equality we must also take responsibility for playing an active role and encouraging a culture that supports it.



Pride at Work-AZ: Largest chapter in the nation, Chapter meeting date set, events, news and help needed

Please mark your calendar now for our next chapter meeting:

Arizona AFL-CIO offices
Thursday September 1st, 2017. 6pm.

3117 N. 16th Street, PHX 85016.

Park in back of building in any spots. Enter back door. Go up to second level, turn left to boardroom.


News and events:

After new members were added to our Chapter’s membership roster after the “WE’RE BETTER TOGETHER” event on May 6th, we were notified by the National Pride at Work Organization that PAW-AZ is the largest chapter in the nation. We currently have sixty six members. Thank you to our members for making this significant accomplishment possible. Memberships need to be renewed annually-so please renew your memberships using the Pride at Work-Arizona website and use the membership link provided on the website.

On June 27th, twenty four of Arizona’s top Union Leaders in the Arizona AFL-CIO gathered and voted unanimously voted to elect our Chair, Jim Volpe as a member of the Executive Council. This vote drastically elevates the presence of TWU and Pride at Work in Arizona.

We participated in the Phoenix Pride Event with Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo in April who generously donated space within his booth. Supervisor Gallardo was also the Grand Marshall at Bisbee Pride on June 18-19 and distributed P@WAZ information while there.

Labors Community Service Agency (LCSA) did a significant re-fresh and rehab on an 18 unit complex for low income transitional housing. Members of P@WAZ participated in this two day event. This event was also covered live on Fox News PHX.

April 28th is “Workers Memorial”. It is an annual event that pays tribute to workers killed or seriously injured while on duty. Members of P@WAZ both participated in, and attended this event held on the grounds of the Arizona State Capital. Michael Broadhead, Co-Chair of P@WAZ was one of the speakers at this event.


Help needed-now.

Michael Broadhead | Co-Chair

Pride at Work Arizona has just completed the most critical stages of establishing a viable organization; the one year mark and having a solid foundation with the critical elements needed to sustain our deserving efforts. It is no easy task establishing a non profit organization when so many groups are competing for pieces of the same turf. We have found a niche and are creating an organization that responds quickly to changes and needs and we have garnered unprecedented support. We honor that support by doing the best we can and to find ways to return support to our community and organizations in many ways. It is a two way street that is very busy.

We need to ask our members to now offer the same support to Pride at Work Arizona that replicates the support we have received from many community leaders and organizations. Simply put; we need our members to join our efforts and help create more of the energy and support that is needed to sustain our group. We need help and we are not afraid to ask. We need the help in the short term and the long term. We all realize the needs of “life” are a huge task alone, but fighting for the rights of others ensures we all, including our families, have a secure life.
Long term: We need members to step forward and be an integral part of two new committees ; 1.Communications and Media

2. Planning.

Short term: We need our members to do all they can to attend our next chapter meeting on September 1st. It is a critical hurdle in our ability to conduct our business, strengthen our ties, sustain our organization and discover what potential we truly have.

Facebook: Pride At Work, Arizona AFL-CIO
Membership renewal on our website: prideatworkaz.org
Twitter: Pride@Work Arizona-@prideworkaz