Aunt Rita's 10 annual AIDS WALK 2017. Pride At Work, Arizona's 3 year participating. Great event with over 5000 Phoenecians walking together!
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Pride at Work Arizona at the 2017 Rainbow Festival in late October -getting the word out about our organization and equality in the workplace. Thank you Jim McLaughlinand UFCW99 for your support! Thank you Steve Gallardo , John Gomezand Cristina Arzaga-Williams for your amazing support.

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Every year, we look forward to the AFL-CIO Labor Day breakfast. 2017 was no exception! We had a couple of reasons to be particularly proud. Michael Broadhead, our vice -president who also just happens to be the chair of MALF, did a fantastic job with his education committee in making the Andy Ward Scholarship the cornerstone of MALF's contribution to this year's brunch. First,  Marshall James Pimental had one of the winning essays for the Andy & Dorothy Ward scholarship. Second, a tremendous amount of pride in the kids of our Union as the two Scholarship winners were BOTH from Afscme Local 2960!!! Third, , our own President Jim Volpe was announced as this year's Activist Leader of the Year. And last, but certainly not least, it's always an honor to be among so many strong Union brothers and sisters, ACTIVISTS, who fight every day for working families, equality/equity and fairness not only in the workplace but in our community. So on this Labor Day weekend, we wish to say THANK YOU to each and every one of them for their time, dedication and hard work. In solidarity always! #NeverQuit #UnionStrong Maricopa Area Labor Federation


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ARIZONA AFL-CIO'S Fourth Annual Labor Day Breakfast was a huge success with three local activists recognized for their dedication and volunteerism. Also recognized were outstanding community and labor leaders. Pride At Work, Az were proud to attend with our three newly elected committee chairs- Kira Johnson, Dawn Schumann and Juli Myers. and were joined at our table by Supervisor Steve Gallardo and his staff, Cristina Argaza-Williams and John Gomez.

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Pride At Work, Arizona's premier event, "WE'RE BETTER TOGETHER" on May 6th was a huge success! We'd like to thank all who participated and attended. We had 13 terrific speakers packed in a full day of groundbreaking community, education and entertainment. As a direct result of the sponsors and members that attended we are proud to announce that in just one short year Pride at Work Arizona is now the largest chapter in the nation!

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 Oct 27th Pride At Work, Arizona was invited to join AFGE ( American Federation of Government Employees) at the Phoenix Veterans Hospital. AFGE provided free lunch to staff, visitors and patients while providing information for services and support for Union members and vets.

AFGE Union Fair3AFGE Union Fair2AFGE Union Fair1

While there Pride At Work sold raffle tickets for a round trip ticket on Southwest Airlines..... Introducing our winner, Eric Kenning:

AFGE UnionFair4

Eric is a vet and an intern completing his masters degree in social work at ASU. He also does IT work at the Christopher and Dane Reeve foundation here in Phoenix. Eric was thrilled to win the ticket and told us he and his wife will now be able to take a cruise- one they already had tickets for but were unable to acquire airfare to the port!

October 25th was the 30th anniversary of AIDS WALK and Pride At Work, Arizona celebrated by entering our chapter as a team and raised 400.00 for the charity! Go Pride At Work, Arizona!

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On October 17th and 18th Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo generously invited Pride At Work, Arizona to join him at his booth at the Phoenix Rainbow Festival! A perfect opportunity to meet the Phoenix LGBT community and take advantage of a perfect alliance! Incidentally, Supervisor Gallardo, his Chief of Staff Cristina Arzage-Williams and deputy Chief of Stall John Gomez are our newest members!

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October 1st 2015 was the Arizona AFL-CIO's 55th Biennial Convention. Our co-chair Michael Broadhead was appointed to the Az. AFL-CIO Executive Council representing Pride at Work, Arizona, He and I were both sworn in to the Maricopa Area Labor Federation as delegates the night before , and both of us were asked to present at the conference! a big two days for Pride at Work, Arizona! Also, our SWA round trip ticket drawing brought in over 1,000.00 to support our chapter!



The 2015 Triennial Pride At Work Convention adjourned today. Three days of extensive information. Thirteen guest speakers, three panel moderated sessions, eight workshops, one work action, one working lunch and one awards banquet. (exhaustive and exhausted are good starters).

In addition to Pride at Work-Arizona having two officers/members attend (one sponsored by TWU Local 556 and one sponsored by AZ AFL-CIO), we also had three others from our ranks of Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants attend and participate as well: Eric Hironymous, Thom McDaniel and Amy Davis.

amy davisPAWConvLogo300eric hironymousmichael and AmyMichael Thom and Ime and stuart applebaum



Our first official event is a huge success. The 2015 annual Arizona AFL-CIO Labor Day Brunch! Pride at Work, Arizona officers meet local labor and city officials, including Supervisor Steve Gallardo and Mayor Greg Stanton

Mayor StantonLaborDay1LaborDay2Gallardo

We are excited to announce that after years of anticipation and great hope , today, July 20th, 2015 the Pride At Work, Arizona's charter has been officially finalized and confirmed by the national Pride At Work  executive board. We are deeply appreciative of the support of the Arizona AFL-CIO. Pride at Work, Arizona ready to get to work serving the needs Arizona's LGBTQ community and their allies! We are here to stay and here to grow!

After months of preparation Pride At Work, Arizona is excited to announce our first official meeting to become the newest chapter in this national organization. At this introductory meeting we will be electing officers and bylaws.


Thank you to all that attended! We have our officers, our bylaws and are now ready to get to work!